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To vomit in your mouth when you hear something particularly sickening.
Used interchangably with "I threw up a little in my mouth."

"I can only take a half a cup of this coffee. Any more makes my ass bleed peanut butter."

"That just made me gurge."
by Johns May 25, 2005
Methamphetamine obtained by evaporating the water used in meth bong
Jane said, "Hey Denny, you got any shit for sale?" He replied, "Nope, I'm all out until tomorrow. All I got is some gurge for my personal, but I will smoke a bowl with you."
by blundering_buttnut January 10, 2010
The pouch of fat displayed just below the waistline of an overweight middle-aged woman.

May be used as a noun, adjective, verb or adverb in order to compare a person/object/situation/etc to said pouch of fat.

Similar to the word "smurf" in usage.
Oisin: "Look at that pouch of fat displayed just below the waistline of that overweight middle-aged woman."
Niall: "I think it's called a gurge."

Kristian: "Tonight is going to be gurgerrific"
by TheGreatMyopiac July 02, 2012
First used in this context by Danny Jones from the band McFly in 'McFly Unzipped' on MTV the word gurge means lots of...or a surge of...
It gave me a gurge of opportunities
by startrekker39 July 13, 2005
the area of skin underneath a roll of fat on a person
ugh! look at his sweaty gurge!
by GroovyGromit January 19, 2011
The feeling you have about a guy or girl in the pit of your stomach, like you really like them. It's like an animal instinct attraction to them that makes you want them.
Man, I really like one of my friends and I would want to date her, she is cool, fun to hang out with, and pretty, but I just don't have the gurge for her.
by Nyweasy April 20, 2009
The water at the bottom of a bong that has turned brown/black from ash, weed and tobacco that has fallen from the cone.
"If you don't rip this cone in one you gotta drink the gurge".

by hardkaw December 05, 2007
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