A word you use when you are aggervated or just don't know what to say. Also try foof.
Gurf! I stubbed my toe.
by ni April 09, 2005
Top Definition
When a girl with french braids gives you head while hanging upside down from a shower rod. AKA gurf job or GJ. The word originated in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.
1. Jake- Last night i totally got a gurf from this girl.
Elliott- No way, thats awesome

2. Jake- C'mon baby give me a gurf.
Shaniquia- Hell no, i ain't russian, im black, i can't bend like that.
by Wiz Kollifa June 06, 2009
the moist region between a females poon and ass. It is the female version of the durf (or taint)
"Damn quit poking my Gurf!!!" she exlaimed
by Durfinators January 19, 2006
A word that refers to the crew GURF that was originally created by jpockets, hazy, truant, & Germ-E. The name came from a friend of the crew who mispronounced the word "gurp" which means to steal.
I chilled with the gurfgang last night & got wasted!
We gurfed some candy at the store, GURFGANG!
by jpockets June 28, 2011
Girls who surf or girls who like boys that surf.
Check out those hot Gurfs on the beach!
by Original Gurf Queen February 08, 2005
Noun/Adjective, Acronym

Origin: English

1) literally a Girl You Run From

2) To be a hideous beast of a woman

3) Way to describe a woman that is less than average. Way less.
Ms. G was the biggest Gurf you will ever meet.

Samantha was Gurf like in appearance.

Tim: Gurf!

Collin: Gurf?

Tim: Yeah man, a Girl You Run From!

Collin: Oh! Yeah she is a Gurf!
by A Geography Witness September 01, 2011
Meaning marijuana was a misinterpreted term deprived from the Mac Miller song "Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza" when he said "I smoke "herb" and i make music"
Me: I smoke gurf and i make music, I don't even talk about it boy I just do it!

Mac: Nah, bro it's I smoke HERB and I make music I don't even talk about it boy I just do it.

Me: Woah, thanks Mac, I had no idea.
by Justanothermacfan April 18, 2011
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