an old business man, usually having an affair with a younger man.
The gummer stood there with his diamond eyes, pinstripe suit, stale drinks, and lipstick prints on his collar from the man in the bathroom.
#old business man #older homosexual #an asshole #erika alexander #a person without teeth
by Josh Ripoff February 01, 2009
a crackho that slobs your weasel after she either a) removed her dentures or b) just let all her teeth rot out her cakehole. also can be referred to the actual "slobbing" itself. advantageous to those who have had bad experiences with over-zealous biters.
That old bat gummer on the corner is the cheapest ratwhore in town!
Man I got this phat ass gummer off this crabass bitch yesterday!
by Cinna January 05, 2005
getting a blowjob, getting head
''Sally gave Richard a big slobbery gummer"
#blowjob #head #sucker #throater #dick suck
by fo to the shizzle November 13, 2006
Old person with no or little teeth left/ Old person.
"My grandpa is a gummer".
by Crapper McGee January 23, 2004
a lady prostitute who is over 70 years old
are you hurtin for a gummer?
by rob January 21, 2004
when a girl gives a guy a blowjob-head
tracy gave tim gummers
by danielle September 19, 2003
Danielle...welcome to the 21st about when a GUY gives a GUY head..not just a GIRL giving head to a GUY..oh..did I just make you throw up...GOOD!
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
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