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a whole lotta crap no-one wants to deal with, learn or say.
thank god thats the last time i need to say all that gumf!
Youre all gumf and no action.
by GUMPH June 13, 2003
An acronym for the phrase, Goofy Ugly Mother Fucker. The word is used when it would be innapropriate to say, "Goofy, Ugly, Mother Fucker" aloud.
Dave: "Oh my god, look at that GUMF over there!"
Chris:"Shit's hurtin' my eyes! Lets get out of here!"
by DarthSlymer July 13, 2011
Obscence or without meaning; sometimes means an undefined swearword, making it possible to swear like hell at people who have no idea what the gumf you're saying. I'm not gonna put an example here because I already have ya lazy gumf.
There! I did it again! Twice now! Damn ass gumf!
by Volvo_Man January 06, 2004
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