Six stringed instrument with an electric variety used to deafen oneself through the use of an amplifier. If one gets good, one can play in a band and crowd surf.
Dude, your guitar is like so, yeah
by gooby goo October 23, 2003
A 6-or-12 stringed instrument, made of either wood any nylon/metal or plastic and nylon/metal.

An acoustic guitar is made of wood, and consists of 6 or 12 tuners, a neck, a body and a hole out of which sound echoes from the strings. Strings can be tightened or loosened to produce sharp or flat sounds.

An electric guitar is more commonly plugged into an amplifier, producing a louder, crunchier sound. It has no hole but uses a metal bridge to send the vibrations to the amplifier.
I play Dylan on my guitar...
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
sometimes used in art (like picasso paintings) guitars have influenced music since the beginning of the western world. closely related to a predecessor, the lute, guitars consist of 6,7,or 12 strings (i once saw a 42 string was nuts) as far as acoustic guitars go, the best acoustic money can buy is either a C.F. Martin, or a Takamine. As far as electrics go: Fender, Gibson, or Paul Reed Smith (PRS) the strings are strummed or plucked either with the bare fingers or a plectrum (pick) to create a pleasing array of tonal masterpieces.
For a really cool painting, check out Picasso's "Le Vieux Guitariste" ("The Old Guitarist"). It's from his blue period.
by Hallie Corson August 14, 2005
A very potent Weapon used by Christians to slowly suck out your soul by sitting by camp fires sinning kum-by-ahhh
Me: Good Grief there are some christians over there with guitars quick lets get out of here before they try to be nice to us!!

My Friend: ARGH!! they got me I can feel my inteligence bleeding out!
by Mortez September 27, 2006
The greatest musical instrument ever made. A good guitarist can be easily identified by letting them tell you what music they listen to. They need not play for you. If a person listens to death metal, emo, screamo, and grunge they can be brushed off as poor players because they can only play a few power chords. If a guitarist listens to music such as Jimi Hendix, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd, and other old rock bands they are most likely good guitarists or are at least on the right track in learning to play the instrument. Most teenage boys own a guitar though stopped playing after picking it up and finding out it takes a hell of a lot of hard work to make any progress with it. And I don't mean to sound sexist or anything, but females CAN NOT play.
Alex: Look at me! I can strum along to my favorite Fall Out Boy song!
Me: Dude put the guitar down and go write a poem about how no one understands.
by Hydroman February 04, 2006
Another meaning for "sex".
we are gonna guitar the night away baby. :)
by megrian August 13, 2007
Something that can be smashed or burned for the sake of romance.
When your girlfriend asks for proof of how much you love her, you smash your cherished guitar. It's like THE sacrifice for a musician.
by Grabczak October 16, 2005

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