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A drum beat played with a double bass pedal. Triplets are a 3/4 timing (waltz) beat, meaning that there are three counts in each measure (1-2-3, 1-2-3). A simple triplet beat can be played by keeping a steady double bass beat and adding a cymbal hit every three beats and a snare hit every six beats.
Jason Bittner from Shadows fall is famous for playing triplets.
by metalman777 July 15, 2009
A six (or seven, or twelve) stringed instrument capable of soft sounds, or, in the hands of a good player, the greatest musical mayhem known to man. Pretty much the most popular instrument today. Comes in electric, semi-hollow body, and acoustic styles. NOT to be confused with Guitar Hero "guitars" which are TOYS!
Guitar God- My axe has 132 buttons, how many does yours have?

Guitar Hero obsessed loser- (sob) Five...
by metalman777 December 10, 2009

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