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1- the act of sharting in mouth while fingering twin sisters.
2- to have too many people in the back seat of the car.
3- to be whipped
4- the act of using gorilla glue.
5- to improperly fine a person
1- I totally guilfoy'd your mom last night
2- We have a guilfoy
3- You are totally guilfoy'd
4- I am going to guilfoy this table back together
5- Better watch out or he will guilfoy you.
by jpf iv April 17, 2007
1- to be whipped
2- the act of sharting your mom's mouth while fingering her twin sister
3- the act of having one too many people in the backseat of a car.
1- You are so Guilfoy'ed
2- Mike Guilfoy'ed your mom last night
by iwanttoguilfoyyou February 20, 2007
(v.) or (n.) the act of sharting in a girls mouth while she touches your taint and spits it back into your belly button while preforming oral sex to your sister
Mike guilfoy'd his mom.
by zackhessel December 10, 2006
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