A homo-sexual bug or bug like person that is homosexual.
Erwin is a gug.
by Braun March 22, 2004
Top Definition
Australian collouquialism for skin between your balls and your asshole. (see: taint). Note also: world-wide grammar and anatomy scholars are still debating whether women have a 'gug'.
"Hey baby, maybe tonight we should go see Bridget Jones Diary again and then you can lick my gug"
by - May 14, 2003
The sound made when giving a blowjob.
"Girl where were you last night!?"
"Sorry boo I was gugging on that dick!"
by hay21tre July 28, 2014
man boobs.
comes from the combination of the words guy and jugs.
check out the gugs on this fat ass
by Stringman October 04, 2007
A gay bug, a boy with big bags under his eyes looking like hes drunk and is known as a gay bug, gug.
"Yo seriously that erwin kid from rick hansen secondary school in mississauga ontario looks like a gug" said Andrew
by AndrewN March 23, 2004
When one is demoted to a lower social status in your social group for doing something that is more moronic or stupid than something that even the most stupid of your friends would do.
Billy: "I don't understand why I don't get hired after being interviewed for that sweet desk job!"
Kevin: "Maybe it's because you have half your head shaved and came to the interview dressed in torn clothes?"
Billy: "I don't think that would be it"
Kevin: "You're literally the biggest gug I've ever met in my life Billy."
by SandypantsMcgee August 21, 2014
adj. "Guy-Hug". Begins with a standard handshake, then pull in to one-armed, over the shoulder hug while maintaining the handshake.
Ben got nervous as he leaned leaned into a handshake with Leon. Ben screwed up the approach of the handshake and fell into a clumsy gug with Leon. Both men felt awkward but their mutual admiration for each other overcame the awkwardness of the moment. see also: gug, taint
by VonBrewskie December 09, 2014

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