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Australian collouquialism for skin between your balls and your asshole. (see: taint). Note also: world-wide grammar and anatomy scholars are still debating whether women have a 'gug'.
"Hey baby, maybe tonight we should go see Bridget Jones Diary again and then you can lick my gug"
by - May 14, 2003
A homo-sexual bug or bug like person that is homosexual.
Erwin is a gug.
by Braun March 22, 2004
man boobs.
comes from the combination of the words guy and jugs.
check out the gugs on this fat ass
by Stringman October 04, 2007
A gay bug, a boy with big bags under his eyes looking like hes drunk and is known as a gay bug, gug.
"Yo seriously that erwin kid from rick hansen secondary school in mississauga ontario looks like a gug" said Andrew
by AndrewN March 23, 2004
gay until graduation, the experimental phase in college.
girl: I dated a girl my freshman year of college
boy: awesomeeeeeeee
girl: im not into girls anymore
boy: you're such a GUG
by mcbillions May 04, 2009
A phrase used in some Newgrounds.com related flash groups (Namely the Glock Group, Uzi Union, Lock Legion, and Clock Crew) that indicates general anxiety or displeasure in how life has presented itself. Gug is sometimes used as an indicator of an item or presentation being of low quality.
"I'm feeling very gug today." or "This flash is really gug."
by Winchestershire March 26, 2009
A furry creature, large as a barrel, with talons and a mouth full of razor sharp fangs which opens vertically rather than horizontally.

Featured in H.P. Lovecraft's "The Terror Beyond".
"Then two pink eyes shone, and the head of the awakened Gug sentry, large as a barrel, wabbled into view."
by Mejin January 18, 2008