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The second best insult to be used on a city boy or hockey player. Indicates they are both soft (like a tootsie roll) and gay (like a fruit cup). Thus calling them soft and gay in one phrase. As seen in Letterkenny problems on Youtube, a series of comedy skits about small town life problems.
The first best insult is ten ply.
Guy 1- Ladies love the flow, bro.
Guy 2-Buddy the only thing ladies love is when you quit talking.

Guy 1 - What'd you say.
Guy 2- You heard me. Buddy your softer than a "tootsie roll fruit cup"
by andrewn September 16, 2013
A gay bug, a boy with big bags under his eyes looking like hes drunk and is known as a gay bug, gug.
"Yo seriously that erwin kid from rick hansen secondary school in mississauga ontario looks like a gug" said Andrew
by AndrewN March 23, 2004
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