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If you understand graffiti as a "'guerrilla art' attempting to reclaim public space through clandestine and spontenous intervnetions of areseol on walls," then you can easily make the jump to "guerrilla gardening" as a parallel idea - replacing the 'areseol on walls' with 'seeds in soil.'
Concered Citizen: GMO crops are overtaking our eco-system, we need to act in the name of the enviroment and human dignity!
Citizen Anarchist: Let's do some guerrilla gardening!?
Concered Citizen: Hi-oh!< high fives ensue >
by Mark Fox March 15, 2005
Taking over an empty lot and planting a garden for the good of the community. Technically illegal.
He got arrested for guerrilla gardening. All he did was plant a carrot.
by fndsociety November 17, 2014
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