The act of two people of the same sex fucking. Also known as gay sex.
Rob is gucking Jack up the ass right now. He'll come to the phone in a minute.
by JohnDoeSmith December 30, 2009
The action of an erect penis being stimulated by deep-throat. Derived from the sound that is made, "Guck, guck, guck, guck".
Male 1 - "That girl totally blew me last night."
Male 2 - "I know, I could hear her gucking from my room"

Male - "Come on babe, suck this fat meat sword"
Female - "Guck, guck, guck, guck, guck, guck"
Male - "Oh yeah, here is comes"
Female - "Guck, guck, guck, guuuccckkk....."
by Gucking May 20, 2014
Gay fucking
Those two dudes are gucking in the next room.


Go guck yourself!
by Jameoh April 16, 2010

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