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When you do a typo. For exemple, when you want to write fuck but you do a typo and write guck. Because of this typo (that I make regularely) you call any typo a guck.
(chatting on MSN)

person 1: sorry... but i cant make it to your party

person 2: (very frustrated) what the guck!!!!!!!!

person 1: guck?????

person 2: fuck* sry bout that

person 1: dnt worry bout it bud i guck a lot 2

person 1: dont* lol
by kicknickinthenet November 19, 2007
When a hockey or soccer team is on a losing streak and they dont win much and they dont play that well. You can also call a sens slump: when a team loses a game.
After allowing their 13th lost in 16 games The Nashville Predators fired their head coach. They were in a too big of a slump.
by kicknickinthenet November 23, 2007
When a lab's a puppy and there all excited. Then they jump up and put their front paws around you and have ''sex'' with you.
(little boy around five is walking to his mum after having being victim of a lab dance) mummy!!! im not a virgin anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kicknickinthenet December 07, 2007
Why are you looking up joke? Like seriously... you don't know what a joke is?
Your'e pretty lame to be looking up Joke...
by kicknickinthenet November 16, 2007

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