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A term for the government used by backwards hillbillies.
I didn't get my welfare check, damn gubment...
by B-Zor July 08, 2003
A word to describe something that is generally cheap or poor. Derived from the word "Government", which is notorious for giving handouts to poorer folks for things such as food, housing, healthcare, etc. Shortened to "Gubment" due to the way both the black and the back country redneck community pronounce the word "Government". Generally used to describe items used by very low class people.
Example 1:
Person 1: *Pulls out cracked 7" Acer Laptop*
Person 2: Put that gubment laptop away, YOU BROKE.
Person 1: I don't care *continues to watch videos at 10 fps*
Example 2:
Mom and Daughter strolling through store
Daughter: Momma can we get some Kraft Mac and Cheese?
Mom: Nah quit lookin were gonna get the great value.
Daughter: You won't catch me eating that gubment food...
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by LLCOOLJAYYLMAO May 13, 2016
Jail slang. Supposedly used to refer to someone's real full name as it appears on their birth certificate.
Criminial #1: Yo, man, what's your gubment?
Criminal #2: Um, the United States?
Criminal #1: No, man! What's your GUBMENT!?
by anonymous March 13, 2004
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