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n. (Guantanamo Bay) Location in Cuba of a death camp run by the United States.
"According to Donald Rumsfeld, the gas chambers and crematoria needed for the Guantanamo facility will be constructed by Halliburton Corporation, which won the no-bid contract yesterday. In other news, the State Department is requiring all persons of the Muslim faith to report to the nearest Amtrak station tomorrow at noon for relocation...I'm Shea Stevens and this is NPR News."
by Carl Willis August 04, 2005
To interrogate someone for no apparent or logical reason.
"Where you goin, Phil?"
"To my friend's house."
"What friend?"
"Paul who?" etc....
by GiantSnowman March 25, 2005
guan•tá•namo |gwänˈtänəmō|
verb trans.
• to forcefully detain and interrogate someone unlawfully.
I was just minding my own business, and the cop guantanamoed me!
by guidothefish May 04, 2011
Guantanamo, as in bay, is the place where the kunals recide, along with white castle.
The movie "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" is a spoof, since kumar = kunal
by iMan Can July 10, 2008
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