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A school were everyone is Italian and knows each other the HIGH in high school discribes the school and everyone thinks their a gangster. It's a crappy school were the ceiling tiles fall and almost hit students but they put a lot of money into fixing the school and spent it all on landscaping. At least it looks good on the outside!
Friend 1: "are you going to westerly high school?"
Friend 2: " no, I kinda want to go to college"
by FruitLOop February 03, 2012
Giggling uncontrollably-used because it is shorter than lmao, and more expressive than lol.
A: *Says something hilarious*
C: gu!
by Fruitloop January 09, 2005
A friends boyfriend who hangs around with her all the time. So called because he is indispensable (to her), always there, and hangs on her arm, like a handbag.
"Who's that?"

"Thats Matt, he's Amy's manbag"
by Fruitloop January 09, 2005

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