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The opposite of disgruntled. To be happy.
Johnny got his favorite ice cream today. He is very gruntled.

"Why are you so gruntled today Joe?" asked Johnny.
by Davis Wonders January 21, 2006
The opposite of disgrunted, which means unhappy with the current situation or state of affairs. So, to be gruntled means to be happy with the way things are going; not upset.
Dawn: "I'm so totally gruntled today! Not a thing out of place!" Or: "Oh happy day! Color me gruntled!"

Friend: "Yeah, I hate it when you're disgruntled!"
by amdawn October 01, 2009
the opposite of disgruntled. or happy.
person 1 damn that bitch was all up in my kool aid so i had to put the slap down on her face! she ended up calling the po-lice

person 2 oh harriet your stories of entertainment keep me gruntled through the whole day!
by lolykatt March 09, 2009
A state of bliss brought on by total acceptance or self and others usually, but not always, accompanied by a low pitched gutteral sound closely resembling an oink.
This is some great slop. You look really good in that mud! I am totally gruntled "Oink"!
by Shanny January 21, 2004
A state of animal like contentment
Oposite of Disgrunteld
See chris bence
by Grob April 09, 2003
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