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When you desribe anything to a friend that is deemed to not exist or to be rediculous.
Person 1: The other day I had a sick meal, I had omlette on toast
Person 2: Mate, that's not a thing.

Person 1: I saw a canned chicken today...
Person 2: Why is that even a thing?
#not #a #thing #anything #something #omlette
by omletteontoast June 10, 2011
1 Word related to Not a thing
dismissing an idea using "thing" to replace words like "problem" or "issue".
janet: oh, brad, i'm sorry! i slept with rocky!
brad: don't worry about it. it's not a thing.
#problem #issue #not a thing #not a thang #shrug off
by Flakey Tart October 19, 2010
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