To break wind. Slang term from England.
Um.. Pete, have you just grunted?
#flatulence #fart #pump #guff #parp #trump
by ManofG November 30, 2007
A person at the lowest level of anything.
We are all just friggin' grunts her at this office.
by Jimmy Staycox August 03, 2003
A deep manly grunt performed by a lesbian. It is a signal to attract other lesbians to the area. Also used as a signal to alert the other lesbians that a new lesbian is in the perimeter.
A lesbian enters the room and alerts the other lesbians of her presents by excreting a very loud, manly grunt.
#grunt #lesbian #dyke #homosexual #tracking #alert #forcefeild #mushroom #britany spears #drugs #smack #dope #weed #sex #spooning #anal
by DykeMomma1 April 09, 2009
A front-line soldier.

A grunt is anyone, regardless of rank, who digs his or her own foxhole, performs front-line tasks, handles live weapons and ordnance and duties in combat zone and risks his or her life.

The opposite of grunt is REMF (Rear-Echelon Motherfucker), a desk job military person off the combat zone. If the definition of a grunt is one who digs his own foxhole, a REMF is anyone who sleeps between clean sheets.
To be a grunt in the Marines is the pinnacle of macho image
#soldier #army #remf #combat #weapon
by Susanna Viljanen March 07, 2008
ACTUALLY...the term grunt does NOT originate from WW2 as a reference for untrained military's a Marine Corps term for any infantry MOS due to the "grunt" made when infantry Marines would lift all their gear...throughout military history, the Marines have carried the heaviest loads into combat and have remained the most effective, intelligent, and brutal force. Marines are known for their ability to carry the most weight the longest distances...with all due respect, NO OTHER BRANCH CAN TOUCH THE MARINE CORPS...don't get mad...i said with all due respect!...and another thing POG is the correct spelling for a's an acronym for Personnel Other than Grunts...
Marines who aren't grunts should've joined another branch. Don't fake the funk.
#badasses #killers #professionals #machines #deadly
by GRUNTMOFO June 03, 2010
The sound a Tanker's old lady makes while he's in the field.
It is sometimes common for military spouses to "entertain" while their husbands are off training.
Example: The woman grunts when she has Infantrymen over after dinner.
by Whitedevil82 July 06, 2005
a member of the marine corps whos MOS is infantry
right now it's all the grunts over in iraq on the front lines.
by SemperFi March 26, 2005
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