NOT somebody who likes Avril Lavigne.
--Two random townie girls were randomly walking in a random park one random day--
Shiniqua: So..what are we doing here?
Nicky: Having a fag, innit?
Shiniqua: But you're pregnant babes.
Nicky: Really?
Shiniqua: yep.
Nicky: How bloody stereotypical
Shiniqua: That's..kinda the point
Nicky: Oh, right then
*out of nowhere Avril Lavigne appears*
Avril Lavigne: Mwhahaha
Nicky: A- grunger?
Shiniqua: *hyperventilates* she's wearing black!!!
Nicky: Noooo *faints even though she's a hard townie, innit*
Avril Lavigne: Boo?
Shiniqua: Ahhh. *faints on top of Nicky*
-Random townie male jumps out of bush-
Kev: Wickkked! Its Nicky! And Shiniqua! On top of each other!
Avril Lavigne: *blinks* helllooo? You're like totally meant to be like scared of me, cos I'm like totally different!
Kev: Oh. Right then. *melts into a puddle of scaredness*
Avril Lavigne: BWHAHAHA everybody fears meh! {yes, meh}
*Grunger skates {its MEANT to be stereotypical damnit!} on the scene, listenign to music*
Avril Lavigne: Yo! Sk8r Boi! Fear meh!
Grunger: ...
Avril Lavigne: TOWNIE! You're not listening to my music and I am so puNK rAwK!!11 You can't be grunge and NOT listen to my music.
Grunger: ... You know you're not really.
Avril Lavgine: I AM! Look I can skate and EVERYBODY who is grunge skates!
Grunger: *rolls eyes*
Avril: *grabs skateboard*
*attempts to skate*
*topples off*
Grunger: Whoops. Oh well. *leaves*
--A whole bunch of ten year olds with blunt studs from Claire's Accessories and wearing t-shirts saying "punk" in pink glittery letters come mourn.--
(Lol enjoy the story?)
by One more time with feeling October 17, 2004
Will people please stop putting in definitions of otheralternative groups!?
A grunge would be one who, suprisingly, listens to "grunge." And not just Nirvana and Nickleback as someone asle pointed out but a whole range both new and old.
I kinow only a few "grungers" and these are the only TRUELY 'unique' alternative group. They have no sense of fashion what-so-ever and really could not give a shit! They don't just pretend it oh-no they truelly could not give a toss!
I doubt very much "grungers" listen to Metallica! and although Punk can be closely linked to Grunge (attitude wise) NoFx is possibly not a "grungers" faviourite band
Person 1: "Hey is that a tramp!?"
Person 2: "Nope it's just Daz, pretty cool huh?"
Person 3: "Yeah"
by Kay October 27, 2003
a person that doesnt care about how they look. mostly the guys have there hair long but nesssailry.kurt cobain didnt alwasy have long hair :p

they may wear eyeliner and lipstick if they wish and the girls often have hair jet black and short in layers and wear light eyeliner lol
hey yo grunger!!!

yeah man?


hey man... okay!
by nirvanaadela January 26, 2011
A youth subculture at existed from the late 80's through the mid 90's. As the name suggests, the grungers all listened to grunge bands such as Nirvana, Hole or Alice in Chains and many of them adopted the fashion and ideology of the grunge bands. Some grungers also listened to bands and genres of music that influenced the Grunge movement, such as Noise rock, Hardcore punk, Alternative rock and Sludge metal. Following the downfall of the Grunge movement in the mid 90's, most grungers moved off into various subcultures, some became rivetheads, others started listening to Alternative metal, some turned to Indie rock, others went onto Pop punk, and the rest went onto cheesy commercial Post-grunge music.
"He's stuck in '92, he's a grunger."

"I used to be in a grunger in a grunge band, but I sold my soul and started a Post-grunge band, my name is David Grohl."
by Maxterbator August 18, 2009
Grungers do care about their looks, whaterver they say, they follow a style, and the style is to apparently not care. They do, but they are much better than chavs/townies/rudeboys etc. Because I have never been beaten up by a gorup of them. I am more grunge than whatever else, but I think you guys all do secretly care because you spent long enough saying you dont on here.
'I dont care how I look...oh hes looking at me funny, that makes me feel warm inside...'
by Peds July 28, 2005
A label given by others for those who dislike conformation in major brand names or trends, have any of their own opinions, listen to music they want to listen to rather than what they are TOLD to and dislike cutting their hair and wearing the same tracksuits or t-shirts as everyone else so that noone can see the individuality they lack the confidence to express just in case it is ridiculed or disregarded by the 'cool' kids.
The term grunger is also used as an insult by those known as townies by many (i prefer not to use labels where possible, but find myself having to much of the time).
from my experience, they are all different(apart from the people who shop at tammy and pretend theyre depressed so they look cool, some people really are depressed, stop hogging the limelight)
btw. shame on the person who spelt Kurt Cobain wrong

Variations: Grungie
by Mobius February 04, 2004
A grunger is someone who feels more comfortable wearing baggy jeans and loose tops. They have individuality and have hobbies such as bmxing, skateboarding and rollerblading. They wear chains and listen to rock bands such as metallica and NOFX
orange county
by flint August 16, 2003
a person who listens to and/or dresses in the style of grunge bands such as nirvana, soundgarden, mudhoney.
has come to mean same as greebo, mini mosher etc.
p.s. slipknot are not a grunge band - they are a lame nu metal band
all S are Y
all Y are non P
all S are non P

eat my faeces
by the buncing queen August 03, 2003

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