Grunge is a name given to people who dont wear what is "treany" this does not however make some one grunge or a grunger, nor is a grunger someone who just listens to nirvana. Grunge is some one who honestly does not care what they wear or what they look like. Grunge is a frame of mind not just what you wear. you cant be a grunger just because you wear ripped jeans, flannels or doc martins or convers shoes. A true grunger does not care how they dress or what they look like and tend to follow bands form seattle that appeared in the late 80's and early 90's. Bands such as Nirvana,AIC,pearl jam, mud honey,screaming trees and many less well knowen bands besides the big 5.
Grunge did not die with nirvana
you can not buy grunge
grunge has faded away but is not dead
by jay March 15, 2004
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possibly the most calm chilled out cool people you will ever come across,
they take life in its stride, they don't worry about stuff. The dress for a grunger is genrally about comfort, not about how it looks, also the grunger look is very practical, you can spend an entire weekend in it; unlike emo, you don't need to worry about anything.

May I also mention the terrific qualitiy of music that grungers listen to,
it rocks.

Grunger is used as a derivative insult by chavs towards anyone that is even slightly alternative, the chavs in my school are very fond of this particular 'put down'
*grunger walks along the road*

chav 1- ' oi look bruv itz a dirrrrrty grungerrr'
chav 3- *trys to laugh pathetically*
grunger- *walks over to the chavs"

*chavs run away screaming*
by S C A R F A C E June 01, 2006
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.listens to grunge music. (music with heavy guitar rifts)
.clothing: flannels, jeans, converses, etc. etc...thrift store clothes
.doesnt give a shit what people think of them
.probably smokes pot
.loves seattle wa.
.like nirvana, alice in chains, pearl jam, screaming trees, paw, L-7, hole, smashing pumpkins, stone temple pilots...and more.
scene kid #1: ew what the fuck is that?
scene kid #2: i think its a grunger
by Tara April 12, 2005
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a fan of metal and grunge bands usally toghter nowdays. they are easy going cool people who arent show offs they dont pose by not posing as someone said they do what the like not what other people like usally long sometimes split hair and cloaths include jeans or raggy trousers band shirt with flannel or hoody on top with cons or dc martins or anythin bulky some grungers were accsesaries it dont matter. best people ever.im a grunger.
mix music. my style as a grunger is.

alice in chians
system of a down
pearl jam
white zombie
cradle of filth
the offspring
papa roach
stone temple piolts
by metal grungy fan August 25, 2006
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Grrr... These chavs giving definitions of things they simply will never understand...

Grungers are not adhereing to a uniform, it is just the clothing we like. And quicksilver bags? Isnt that a brand? I as a grunger refuse to wear brands. I wear Jeans coz they are comfy and a nirvana/kurt cobain top becoz they are my second fav band and i cant b bothered to buy a machinae supremacy shirt online. I would wear other band tops if i had the money to buy them.

Another thing Nirvana isnt the only grunge band. Kurt himself hated the word grunge and called his band alternative Rock. For example there are another 3 that make up the big 4 and plenty more.

So for all you ignoramouses out there i cordially invite you to fuck yourselves

Sorry this is just a rant but i think i have included a definition in here somewhere

P.S. i cant spell, but i spell better than a chav :)
Chav: luk @ ma 50 cent album blud. I is well ard bruv. Oi u grungers scum, your mum!

Somebody with an iq higher than a boiled egg: Shut up u fucking chav, go and listen to some decent music and get an education
by Slogankid1 August 12, 2006
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Those who listen to alternate rock, and do not dress to please other, and do not follow fashions like sheep
Alice In Cahins (grunge band)
Kut Cobain (grunge singer)
by Sky February 01, 2004
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Usually teenage or early twenties. People who listen to rock music and wear alternative clothing.
by Jade April 17, 2004
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