The Grundle or taint is the area between the genitals and the anus.
"That bicycle seat really put a hurtin' on the old grundle!"
#taint #gooch #perineum #quim #scrotum
by Justin Illusion May 26, 2006
A weird unattractive word used to name (and/or describe) a certain person in your contact list. In most cases, this person will be the reason the block button was invented.
"You need to put his name in your phone as a weird word that is unattractive... like grundle."
#grundel #grundle #grundell #block #iphone #taylor swift #swizzle
by teatimetay March 10, 2014
The grundle is not simply just the area between the testes, and the anus, rather it's the wormlike skin line.
My grundle looks eerily similar to the scare on Madeline's stomach.
by Chodester July 16, 2003
Grundles are brown cave-dwelling creatures from the My Little Pony movie. They look like monsters to most people, but, as they constantly reassure Baby Licketysplit and Spike the dragon, "Grundles good!" They are helpful, friendly creatures. Interestingly, Danny DeVito played the Grundle Leader in the movie.
Grundles not monsters! Grundles good!
#my little pony #my little pony the movie #monster #rock monster #smooze
by Jezani May 10, 2009
It's the piece of skin between your asshole and your testicles.
My grundle itches. Your face resembles my grundle.
#gooch #douche #twitter #nuts #asshole
by Andy motherfucking Moseley February 10, 2009
Male: The region between the scrotum and the asshole.

Female: The region between the vagina and the asshole.

Also known as a "taint"
"It feels good when you lick my grundle."

"Why is it called a taint?"
"Because it taint da pussy and it taint da asshole."
by Fat Dave February 18, 2004
The land bridge between your nutsack and butthole.
I like it when a guy rubs my grundle before jamming his figner in my ass.
by Travis Marks January 11, 2004
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