Grunch(verb) The act of self fistation, Fisting yourself in the Anal cavity.
"Get your grunch on" - the act of a hearty night of "tearing yourself a new one" *may result in bleeding
by The real Tyler James August 26, 2008
Noun: grundle for brunch! You can get your favorite brunch items at the low-budget, saltpeter, indigestive quality, that you have come to so adamantly despise yourself for eating every day, on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the grundle.

Verb: The act of consuming grunch.
Noun: "Did he even take you out to grunch the next morning?"

Verb: "Dude, I'm wicked hungover, lets go grunch!"

The act of cutting off another driver suddenly when in traffic. Also, you may be the " Gruncher" or the " Grunchee", and it is possible to be " Grunched".
" Oh Damn!! There is the exit. Oh well, I'm gonna grunch this dude in the Kia!!"
by charles mullen April 28, 2004
the smell that is left over after kevin patel takes a large dump in your house that you can smell from the opposite side of the house
i couldn't enter my house because of the horrible grunch smell
by kevin patel January 10, 2004
The sound your car makes when it's too low and you pull too far forward into a parking spot, hitting parts of the undercarraige on the curb.
I pulled in too far and grunch! My <insert name of small Asian car> grunched on the curb.
by thlayli February 01, 2003
Bored of so many brunches (artificial word of breakfast & lunch) in the 90s, wise man started to grill meat and sausages parallel to the brunch. So fearless men scrumptiously invented the grill-brunch - the grunch. Modern German sociologists call the grunch the most exciting social improvement of the new millennium. It's grunch-time, baby!
Thank god we're invited to a grunch! I couldn't have stand another boring brunch at Darryl and Matt!, Shirley said.
by Henning Mühlinghaus February 13, 2008
The hard crusty stuff that glues your eyelids shut in the morning. An indicator that your hangover is going to be so bad that you beg for a migrane instead.
Oh man, after those two (three?)bottles of tequila last night I woke up with some serious grunch in my eyes. Please, kill me now...
by kru kutech January 06, 2009
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