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This is a term that generally refers to water that has passed through a load of garbage. This "juice" smells awful and is to be avoided at all costs. The most common way for garbage juice to form is for lots of rain to fall into a dumpster, outdoor garbage can, or a poorly drained dump. Anyone who comes into contact with this liquid should take a shower as soon as possible and seek a career change.
"Boss says we gotta empty all the garbage cans on the property.....let's do it today before it rains, I don't want to get garbage juice on me."
by Paco April 20, 2006
The bio-hazardous liquid on the bottom of garbage bins
Jimmy put garbage juice in his squirt gun and shot his friend in the face with it.....they are no longer friends.

We thought it would be funny to make ice cubes out of garbage juice and put it in peoples was!!
by Lunicus December 04, 2011
The best mixture of vodka in the entire world; consists of every vodka mixed together in a bottle.

People tend to get jealous of the maker of this garbage juice.

Freaks usually named Tim, Timmy shots, Timothy.. tend to be the jealous type
Tim: Oh molly your garbage juice is supa good!
Molly: Hell yah it is!
by hehehehehi February 22, 2011
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