Noun: grundle for brunch! You can get your favorite brunch items at the low-budget, saltpeter, indigestive quality, that you have come to so adamantly despise yourself for eating every day, on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the grundle.

Verb: The act of consuming grunch.
Noun: "Did he even take you out to grunch the next morning?"

Verb: "Dude, I'm wicked hungover, lets go grunch!"

Top Definition
To reply to an original post on a web forum without first reading the other replies.
Grunch... I haven't read any of the other replies to your post, but I think you should do XYZ.
by AlonT February 14, 2008
The sensation a woman has when she was for a time free of conscious awareness of the male gaze and did not feel othered, but is then reminded in some way that she is a woman first and a geek, colleague, or writer, etc a distant second. That is, being grunched is the sensation of being firmly and unexpectedly othered.
There it was, the sickening grunch as I landed involuntarily back in my body- and not my entire body either, but specific parts of it.
by sigflup October 25, 2010
Dirty ass bitch,thot, or slut that has stank pussy that smells like garbage juice. Stay away from her breath it might take off your eyebrows. Consider her as a hideous animal.
Bro I just saw a grunch. I had to run away fast from her smell.
by Big boo19$$ March 27, 2015
Taking a real mean shit
Man, my ass is on fire after my last grunch.
I need to take a grunch after being anally intruded.
by peebot August 07, 2009
Gross Universal Cash Heist (R. Buckminster Fuller book)
The grunch of gaints are taking your money all the time
by satans' November 03, 2010
the stench of moldy semen, body odor, old clothing, and human waste that has fermented for many months in a small college dormroom.
Kevin was trying to get his mack on when his bitch said, "It smells like grunch in here!"
by Kevin Patel December 15, 2003
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