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A particulary difficult yet ultimately satisfying bowel movement.
That was a hell of a grump I just took.
by meempants September 06, 2002
noun: when you shit on the ground. grump = ground + dump
When doodie calls and there isn't a bathroom around, take a grump.

Backpacking ventures almost always entail grumps.
#poop #turd #dookie #shit #outdoor poop #jesus boner #quid pro quo-job #mr. methane
by thebelgianbomber February 08, 2014
a certain state of mind characterized by grumpiness and a generally disagreeable demeanor
Reia spilled her beer all over her self, and was grumps for the rest of the night.
by manfriend July 03, 2004
“A mythical Creature so elusive that to actually see one would bring untold good fortune” referenced in the movie One Week
I’m going to ride my motorcycle across Canada in search of Grumps
#in search of grumps #grump #searching for grumps #grumpy #looking for grumps
by I_M_CDN November 11, 2010
To add an entry on Grumper.
I posted a grump today at, check it out!
#grumper #facebook #grumpy #grumpiness #social
by Asyra June 10, 2009
1) the disposal of a bad attitude or exceptionally grumpy perspective. 2) The byproduct of general grumpiness
agitated venting girlfriend: "We never do what I want to do! We always go to all the stupid bars YOU want and hang out with YOUR friends and...OMG these pants dont fit me anymore?!! FML"

boyfriend: "wow...sounds like someone needs to take a grump"
#grumpy #irritated #whiny #complaints #complaining #bad attitude #bitch and moan #whine #happy camper
by tfortso January 17, 2011
To take from, either Violently, Sexually, or Passively
1. Im gonna grump that bitches V-card tonight when shes wasted.
2. Im gonna go grump some fresh chipolte
3. Im going to grump your life on Call of Duty 4.
#take #acquire #obtain #secure #procure
by fresh grundle November 27, 2008
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