When you sit on a body part of someone else and fart so that they can feel the vibrations of your gas.
Aaron unexpectedly put his butt on my arm and gruffled me.
by fickleone May 25, 2013
Top Definition
verb; to eat hastily, with zeal
I'm going to gruffle some mad Domino's.
by erik November 23, 2004
The sound a male koala bear makes when he is either disturbed or on heat, or both
their was lots of gruffles coming from the gum tree last night
by Mick September 08, 2003
The extra cellulite on a girls hips.
Those tight sweat-pants really accentuate her gruffles.
by Guigfu February 14, 2010
To talk in a deep tone with a voice that sounds like you just got out of bed and you have a scratchy voice.
I was just jamming out to the radio in my car and now my voice is all gruffled.

Chad Kroeger's gruffle makes me want to beat down a baby with a sledgehammer.
by herpityderpderp March 30, 2011
(interjection) like a curse word or "wow!"
"did you see that girl last night?"
"gruffles man, she was hot!"

"what the gruffles did you just say to me?"
by Aaron May 10, 2003
the hair that grows on the lower part of your back, and is a proof of masculinity
man my gruffle hair's finally coming through!
by cw113 August 14, 2006
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