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1. an awkward unsophisticated person: rustic
2. a naive or inexperienced person
3. Obama supporter: Democrat
1. to lie
2. to obtain an advantage by dishonest, unfair, or illegal means, especially through the abuse of one's position or influence in politics.
Grube is a nickname for anyone who believed Obamacare would pass without lying about it.

The Democrats treated us like a bunch of grubes.

Don't grube me, bro. I don't worship Obama.
by Gravitas Democritus November 15, 2014
Grubes are gray pubes. Specifically found among very old aged humans.
Timothy: What the fuck is that smell and what the hell is stuck in your teeth?

John: That would be your grandma and some of her grubes.
by Taco Bandit 87 June 26, 2011
To have sex without consent, a.k.a. rape
Back in my day, girls were never grubed. they were raped.
by Caesar March 17, 2004
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