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The undigested chunks of food in your shit that are feasted upon during a cleveland steamer.
Jill was quite famished and to revive herself she ate the grubbles while Jack rocked back and forth.
by Drew_the_Dingleberry September 06, 2006
5 3
to rummage in one's pockets without looking, for something you know is in there and will be located if you keep digging around.
She grubbled unsuccessfully for a few minutes for that last nickel she needed to pay.
by millimole July 07, 2011
3 4
Noun: The uncomfortable stubble that appears 24 hours after one shaves his grundle.A hybrid of grundle and stubble.
"Damn dogs you got any Gold Bond I gots mad itchy grubble yo!"

Kendall:"Hey Trevor.How did Stacey get rug burn on just her chin.
2 14