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When a young male finishes in his hand and uses his splooge to fill all the wrinkles on a GILF's face.
Bjorn was adventurous in the tile industry and became bored one day during his lunch break. He went to his friend Nemo's house where his grandmother was sleeping and decided to play with himself. Bjorn finished in his hand and found himself (grouting) Nemo's GILF of a grandmother while she was sleeping.
by dock & launch July 09, 2013
To have sex with, bang or fuck, in any orrifice.
Did you bang that chick last night?

Yeah, I was grouting her all night.
by Unipuna November 30, 2009
The verb of the noun grout. The act of smoking a cigarette.
Hello mate, where's that old slapper you brought back and serviced last night?

She's out in the garden grouting.
by Mikee T September 21, 2006
Bang either man or woman in butt, blow load in ass, tell partner to spray cum and whatever else out of ass onto your face.
Give me a good grouting!
by Junglejim46 July 25, 2009
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