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Describes a man (usually a northern businessman) who has so much muscle he can barely close his arms.
Percy: Alex, are you a grott?
Alex: Yeah, people look at me and think "grott" because i can hardly close my arms. It helps also that i have business to take care of.
by griffygrott1 December 09, 2009
When a man starts burrowing into an asshole first with his hands like a dog then sticks his face in it making the sounds "Om nom nom nom" like a rabid animal. After he makes a big opening, he sticks a rather large object like a bone, or animal, into the anus opening that eventually hangs out when the other person walks away leaving a saggy bottom and crooked walk.
Look at that dude limping. Naw man, see how his pants are hanging a little low, too? He MUST'VE gotten the grotts earlier.
by Chunky Luvr August 05, 2011
describing something gross, disgusting, or nasty.
That floor is fucking grott.

I can't believe you ate that...the cafeteria food is grott.
by adhc March 11, 2009
ugly, whore, slut,dirrty,fat
my friend used to be GROTTY before going to rehab.
by loloa January 16, 2008
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