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1. A sad type of person who spends hours randomly pushing words into google word and image searches because they are so bored - they would call it research.

2. The sadder type of the above in that they only google their own name in multi-varied formats, hoping to discover that they are are famous, or even exist.
Jim: You seen Herbert lately.
Jon: No, he just stays in doing some kind of weird internet research. He's turned into a right groogle.
Jim: What's his research project?
Jon: He's researching himself. He just hits on Herbert.
Jim: What a groogle!
by chris firth October 09, 2006
naughty or cheeky person, pet or child.
"oi groogle get your paws off my diner"
by Bazil Barringer December 28, 2007
the sexual noise that comes out of a groogler's mouth while giving oral pleasure.
I love it when girls groogle, it makes my penis feel good.
by Tankie Fresh May 20, 2008
A Combination of a Group and an Oogle. Hence the Groogle. Groogle is the group oogling of a person either male or female. More than one person can be groogled at one time, but a Groogle requires two or more people to be in the act of Groogling someone.
" John Stop oogling that girl" "Shut up you were doing it too" "I guess we groogled her"
by King Dome May 28, 2009
A really smart person that people go to for answers
Hey Groogle, come here and help answer this question
by GingerClanger May 02, 2016
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