Miss spelled version of the word good which originated in one of Strong Bad's "Teen Girl Squad" episodes (#4). It was spoken by The Cheerleader.
I am looking soooo grood.
by L'Hopi September 15, 2003
Top Definition
A mixture of both "great" and "good" used by the Cheerleader in Teen Girl Squad (issue/tissue#4). Seemingly originated from a spelling mistake by Strong Bad.
"Grood! I mean... good. And great. Great and good."
by Me. Who else?! September 17, 2003
a combination of something being great and good
the chicken was really grood
by Steve August 09, 2004
A mix of the word good and great, originating from "teen girl squad"
That was a grood try
by Greg B May 17, 2005
a combination of great and good, derived from homestarrunner
great! good! groood!!!
by loves March 11, 2005
An unit of measurement referring to an amount of leftover food that is too small to be a real portion size but too big to eat right then just to get rid of it. It is often a source of irritation after big meals or parties.
Example 1: Does anyone want to eat this grood of guacamole?

Example 2: I hate it when we have a grood of chips left after a party. We can't throw them out but nobody wants to eat them either.
by Newbia L. August 28, 2012
Combo of good and great
Person 1: Hey thats pretty grood
Person 2: what does grood mean
Person 1: its a combo of good and great
Person 2: why would someone even combine the two
Person 1: *bitch slap*
by eddyeddyd March 17, 2009
The combination of good and great. Invented during an epic IM conversation.
Clayton is very very grood at sex.
by Kaylen May 18, 2012
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