good and great=grood...homestarrunner!
Man that guy looks grood!
by Amanda January 17, 2005
Great and good
ant the same time
How are you?
I'm grood.
by sceneXster April 10, 2007

but more good.

Hey man, I think me and the woman are gonna go get pizza.


I got new kicks Jordan!

by Hayden D. Simmons December 26, 2008
Miss spelled version of the word good which originated in one of Strong Bad's "Teen Girl Squad" episodes (#4). It was spoken by The Cheerleader.
I am looking soooo grood.
by L'Hopi September 15, 2003
grood is a mix of good and great
like good+great= good.
Im in such a grood mood.

wow, my lunch today was grood.
by molly&&andrew May 03, 2007
a mixture of great and good
That food was grood!
by skfqb December 27, 2014

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