1. Rim around your asshole..definition below helps make sense.
2. Also rubber ring used for holes found in electrical boxes.
My grommit itches, how about a rim job?
by zugzwang3 January 30, 2008
The grommits can simply be defined by the explosive release of fecal matter. If for any reason you want to get the grommits, you can achieve this by eating scurvy food (Denny's, Perkins, any Chinese restaurant) or by taking some kind of laxative. The grommits usually consist of the liquid form of matter but sometimes consist of a log that is expelled from the rectum at a high velocity, which sometimes is referred to as a streaker.
The other day, I ate at Denny's. The omlette was very scurvy so as a result, i spent the majority of my afternoon on the commode with the grommits.

Aw, I just stepped in some dog grommit.
by Slim Vengeance June 26, 2008
A stupid little kid who you just wanna punch in the face
Wow, you are sych a grommit
by Steppppph July 13, 2003
Gr- represents the prefix of the word "gruesome"
mit- represents the sufix of the word "vomit"
The extra "m was added for indivduality and emphasis
When the word is mentioned, it's used in the context of something that is gruesome, to the point of barfing(vommiting)
Ewwwww! Get that away from me, major grommit!
by Shan-shan April 06, 2006
A fuckin loser wanna be surfer who has absolutely no interest in the activity but wants to be cool! (usually tries to act stupid aswell)
Grommit: Dude, did you like see that big thing in the sky?

U: That's the sun you fuckin grommit
by Kyle Bishop December 04, 2004
a kid it the youngest grade of a school
"lets go beat up some grommits"
"outa my way grommit!"
by FREAK June 07, 2004
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