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The term used for a cop (usually a mall-cop or rent-a-cop) who patrols in one of those small golf-cart-like vehicles that they usually employ. This could also refer to a security card using the same vehicle. The vehicles are usually quite slow, and cumbersome and often act to incapacitate the already overweight and out-of-shape doughnut huffer or to merely act as an alternative to having to walk on their patrol. The mini po-po is known to prefer dealing with insignificant issues rather then something that might actually make a difference. These include, but are not limited to, shoplifting, loitering, busting skateboarders, jay walking, public intoxication, minor traffic infractions, and possession of marijuana.
Grab your boards, there's a mini po-po around the corner!
by xdementia August 15, 2007
Someone whose "dude factor" is so intense that their arrival ups the entire scene to a dude/dudette festival. It is also interchangeable for the actual dude/dudette festival taking place.
Hey, what's up duderamma?
by xdementia August 15, 2007
tokyo chick puts scrambled eggs in a turky baster and squirts them up her ass, then shits em out on the japan steak house table and cooks em up for you.
yum lets get a tokyo omlette oh yeah
by xdementia August 22, 2007
Just a little skate(board) rat(kid), this could apply to other "extreme" sports as well such as surfing, BMXing, motocross, etc. It can't however apply to traditional team sports. The kid should be hardcore skater and isn't your next door neighbor with knee-pads and rollerblades but it could be referred to a novice skater as well.
Damn, this park is stuffed to the brim with grommits.
by xdementia August 15, 2007
Giving oral sex to a corpse. Some biker gangs have used this as part of their hazing process and if you complete it successfully you will receive a patch with "Grey Wings" on it you can sew to your leather jacket.
Go to the morgue, sneak in, find a fresh corpse and get your Grey Wings, make sure to get photos as proof.
by xdementia August 15, 2007
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