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Grinding device commonly used to grind up marijuana for seedless blunts and joints.
"Pass me the grizzler, i'm bout to twist one up."
by M-Bizzle April 04, 2007
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A grey haired binge drinker. An older man who uses an excuse such as a football match to drink alcohol heavily, often starting early in the morning.
G: Come on you grizzlers, let's get a dozen pints in before the game.
by EBlumer November 21, 2007
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a drunkin 4 AM green light that you r waiting for so you can make your right turn
T-"Will you fuckin go....tourne a droit, tourne a droit, vite, vite"

J-"Can I get a fuckin grizzler first!!"
by vincent circleview February 05, 2004
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Southern CA slang term for cocaine.
"swing by Pooky's and pick up some grizzler!"

those who abuse cocaine are known as Grizzleros
by Benoit R. April 26, 2007
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