slang word used 4 black bar b quein
grizzle me a hambergizzle or ill jizzle on yo nizzle
by nostril March 16, 2003
When your dreaming about eating a big fatty piece of tenderloin and it starts to taste like a chewy piece of fat. Then you wake up with your weirdo roomates sack in your mouth.
Dude 1: "Dude, what are you doing with your sack in my mouth?"

Dude 2: "My steak tasted like grizzle!"
by noname G January 19, 2007
1. a really ugly chick.
2. anything that is nasty and repulsive.

see root word, grim
1. damn son, tht bitch over there is grizzle.
2. ew, this burrito is mad grizzle.
by sunshine daydream August 17, 2005
noun:slang word for green bay
noun:a McDonalds double cheeburger
:"where you from?" "green bay" "representing Gr!zzle!!!"

:"yo dawg lets go 2 Donalds n get a gr!zzle cheese burger & fr!zzles" "fo sh!zzle ma nigga"
by nate slack August 31, 2004
slang for the smokeless tobacco "grizzly" also known as dip
hey lets get some grizzle and throw in a lip... oi
by whitey, the one and only July 20, 2004
Hey grizzle, go stick your head in the toilet because thats where it belongs.
by fo shizzle May 25, 2003
a gram of an illeagal substance
"i need a grizzle to blaze"
by jdeezhay March 20, 2003
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