(v.) to hook up with an ugly fat girl at a party
1. Dat motherfucker grizzled with tht dank ass ho
by BigB69696969 October 26, 2013
to moan, whine and complain.

grizzler - a person who moans, whines and complains about trivial matters on a daily basis.
All day long she grizzled about having to go to the shop in the evening.
by paul bidders March 17, 2009
Those of the human race that hail from the female gender. Usually a term to show faint attraction in a woman, with the possibility of concluding with dry humping and/or the use of ball gags.
look at that grizzle, I might want to make the eight-legged monster with her later.
by Micah H. June 23, 2007
the sound of a distorted guitar made by one's mouth. "you beat box, I'll grizzle"; to grizzle- to make the sound of a distorted guitar with your mouth "Lay down a beat, I need somethin to grizzle to."; grizzled-passed tence of the verb "to grizzle" "He laid down a beat while I grizzled.", grizzling- present tense of the verb "to grizzle" "check out his sick grizzling skill", grizzl(er-masculine, ist-feminine) - a grizzle artist.
"I am a grizzler thru and thru, I love to grizzle, the other day i had a grizzle off, we were grizzling up a storm. The grizzlist opposing me grizzled "eye of the tiger", but I won with "paranoid" by Metallica."
by C-Dizzle Grizzle February 04, 2007
The lint that hangs out in your chota or grundel.
Man I have some serious grizzle in my grundel.
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
a human who has been raised by grizzly bears.
bra, did you see that grizzle in the woods, its was rad for sure.
by runladyrun820 April 08, 2008
1.Any dirt or grease left behind.
2.An insult.
1. Dude, clean up that grizzle that you left on the stove!
2. Jack you are such a grizzle!
by Arah Wingspike October 29, 2005

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