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Adj. Characterized by intense anxiety or fear, and accompanied by twitching muscles, rapid breathing, full body muscle contractions, testicular retraction and severe puckering of the anal sphincter; usually brought on by climbing on difficult terrain or WAY above your last piece of protection.
Dude, he's about to peel; he's way too gripped to finish the climb.
by jrw April 24, 2005
the feeling you get when the effects of adderol reach their peak. completely focused
im so gripped on this term paper right now
by etopp June 07, 2010
To get caught comitting an illegal act, usually drug use.
he got gripped by da cops smokin weed
by greg5000 July 08, 2007
To get something. NOT to steal, as somebody else mentioned.
I went to the caddy dealership yesterday to grip my ride

Fabolous also uses this phrase in his song, Breathe.

"Grippin on a toy that you won't find at K-B" - Fabolous
by Chaldo May 12, 2005
to steal
Yeah right! I dont pay for anything i gripped it.
by Dom February 03, 2004
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