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A misspelling of adderall.
At one point I thought the word was spelled 'adderol', but it's actually 'adderall'.
by Junie !!! October 11, 2007
Originally a generic version of Crystal Meth. A form of speed, adderol is used to increase brain function in order to think faster as well as used to concentrate. Adderol has many characterisitcs associated with cocaine and crystal meth. Usually this drug comes in pill form but to the hardcore party people its better when crushed and snorted so that it enters the bloodstream a lot faster and that it hits a lot stronger. I do not recommend anybody doing adderol at large doses because it increases your heart rate very rapidly and in some isntances have given people with heart conditions heart attacks. Loss of sleep as well as loss of appetite is most definitely a side effect of this drug. Lie to your doctor....tell him u have a.d.d.....get your rents to go along with it(unless your over 18)......get prescribed to all night long...the end
Dude i got SAT's tomorrow, you think i can score some adderol
by AG ( DJ addie) September 10, 2005
form of speed good to steal from your friends with a.d.d. : )
im on speed
by god December 29, 2003

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