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(1) A foolish or annoying person

(2) A heavy session on the beers punctuated by random journeys across a town on foot or via public transport

(1) "That girl who told us to stop talking loudly on the train was a grine"

(2) "Howay, lets go on a grine on Saturday in North London and see where we end up, bring a couple of tinnies for the train"
by Stonch June 01, 2006
A dirty vagina that is loose, smelly, and infected. Someone who has grine is most likely someone who is a slag.
"Oh god, she's got the grine!"
by cuntstick October 28, 2011
it's like great, but with a 9 instead of 8, so it's even better than great!
person 1: dude that's so grine!
person 2: yes so grine!
by Dumb Kid April 17, 2013