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to sweat, usually under extremely hot circumstances
man! I'm grillin'!
by weirdchild101 June 26, 2010
4 2
the act of staring one down, mainly directly in the eyes. not neccessarily bad or good. usually if you grill the opposite sex, it implies an interest in them, and if heterosexuals grill the same gender, it usually means they dont like them, are testing them, and wouldnt mind smacking the sh-t outa them.
good: "hey buck, that girl is GRILLIN you HARDCORE, go talk to her"

bad: "if that punk dont stop grillin, im'a see if he got a problem"
by buck January 26, 2004
248 77
To stare someone down with dislike/hatred.
A yo, why's this cat grillin' me dawg?
by Sofistic8edBadGirl April 26, 2004
29 9
The act of looking at someone with a angry or serious face to say something is wrong or that you did something wrong.
Hey look at that girl grillin you because you didn't call her last night.
by vlad March 30, 2003
55 37
another word for hatin'
Dem haters be grillin' on him/her!
by David Banner July 28, 2003
19 8
Food in general, typically referring to something containing meat.
Yo, you got any grillins? I'm hungry!
by hagwater April 09, 2006
1 2
1. The act of being amazingly cool.
2. The act of writing a long wallpost to someone via facebook.
3. Cooking hot dogs or hamburgers hamburgers.
4. A sexual dance.
by Devanemileethethird April 13, 2010
16 22