1. The act of being amazingly cool.
2. The act of writing a long wallpost to someone via facebook.
3. Cooking hot dogs or hamburgers hamburgers.
4. A sexual dance.
by Devanemileethethird April 13, 2010
using golds or other mouth peice
did u see his smile, dat boy grillin!
smile for me daddy, I wanna see your grillz....
by shay wade August 25, 2007
The act of a smile or grin showing gold teeth.
"Yo man lil jon was grillin at the concert last night cuh"
by Da Committee January 29, 2006
To be grillin'. To be high, generally on psychedelic mushrooms.
Man, i'm grillin. I've been grillin for three hours now, that was some good sh*t
by Aktie November 22, 2004
when you are rollin your nuts off on Ectasy.
when you feel as warm as a little grill full of coals and your blowin off steam.
That night i was walking home from the bars after I rolled and i was grillin like madness!
by DooMinator June 20, 2006
A sexual activity in which three men lay side by side and a fourth man lies on top of them at 90 degree angle and rolls around. If a fifth man is available, he serves to "flip" the man on top.
Stop illin' and killin'
Stop grillin'
Yo, black, yo (we are willin')
by Time Zero May 21, 2006

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