What a woman's vagina resembles when woken in the morning for sex and she is starting to get excited and wet. When you begin to separate the labia it is reminiscent of a warm grilled cheese sandwich being pulled apart.
"I woke my girl up this morning and tore into that grilled cheese."
by AlchlcSmnThrwr April 30, 2012
Used to describe a female of bad taste, hygeine, or sluttiness. Opening her legs would be like peeling apart a grilled cheese sandwich
I slept with Jeri last night, and I had to stop, being I realized she didn't shower for a week...she was such a grilled cheese.
by Eileen V August 06, 2005
Slang for getting major cash and getting high. What happens when you take "bread" and "cheddar" and cook it at high temperatures.
Bob: Just got my paycheck and some weed man.
Jim: You got the grilled cheese!
by Sandisk April 12, 2014
the condition in which you finnd a dirty dirty whore's vagina in the morning after a long not of whoreing around town.
sick Harvie, what's up with that grilled cheese snatch?????
by humungo balls February 19, 2003
An old woman's vagina
Why does it take old women so long to pee?
It's like peeling apart a grilled cheese sandwich
by TheMasterOfBates January 29, 2014
Semen which, when ejaculated from the male erotic organ, is extremely "murky", "thick", or "chunky"; appearing to have the consistency of "Grilled Cheese."

Often used in conjunction with the words "sandwich", "party", or "adventure", it first appeared in modern literature around 325 AD during the Council of Nicaea when St. Alexander of Alexandria remarked to then Emperor, Constantine, that "Thine sinful Arians hast befouled our church in a manner which resembles the dripping of *grilled cheese* upon the forehead of a young concubine."
"That grilled cheese was Awesome."

He smothered her with copious amounts of grilled cheese.

"Your hands smell like grilled cheese.."
by Insesht September 13, 2011
a grilled cheese sandwich
Don't you have anything better than half a grilled cheese?
by The Return of Light Joker December 11, 2011

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