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A gathering of male friends (married or single) who love to cook any meat product over an open flame. They prefer to hang out together after work in the driveway and talk about their fantasy football prospects. They usually live in or around Kentucky and are not above squirrel hunting and cornholing. They also smoke Pall Malls and generally do not have kids.
Hey dude, we doin' the grill out tonight at your house? I got three squirrels in the freezer.
by mystic tan July 09, 2010
when a womens bun fest joins with a mans sausage fest. a mass sex orgie
lady- hey do you guys want to join our bunfest?
dude- yeah totally gnar
lady- yeah we can have a great grillout
dude- yeah were bringing the sausages
by Murrrrr Beth January 25, 2008
to grill or tailgate in the AT&T stadium parking lot in San Francico; to eat dirty dogs
Excuse me, do you know of a good place where we could grill out?

I spilled the nacho cheese in the parking lot while we were grilling out.
by Kenney Chesny May 24, 2008
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