motherfuckers living the way they want to
Many people in San Francisco are grifters.

definition and example are from the book The Mission by Jason Myers.
by anonymouskt December 26, 2009
A grifter is a strategic gambler. Such strategy is used that it is almost not considered gambling at all.
Someone who can count cards while playing poker is known as a grifter.
by Dy7lan February 06, 2005
A puddin' lover dood, most probably Gay.
Grifter: "I got your ass covered, puddin" and "There's something in my pants that wants you, puddin"
by Mainamebitchnits October 28, 2009
It is a very manly woman, who is very physically strong, stocky build or overweight, usually has excessive facial and body hair and is sometimes mistaken for a man.
The masculine appearance of a Russian female shotput champion means she can be described as a grifter.
by KB April 15, 2005

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