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Named after Robert Griffin III, (RG3) the Washington Redskins quarterback. Refers to pose RG3 made after touchdown, while on the ground raises both arms in celebration. Fans are noe copying pose and has defined this as griffining.
Did you see ErinAndrews griffining on Fox sports, she tried to copy RG3.
by Bert4 September 16, 2012
to griffin; to wear minimal amounts of clothing while watching tv and lay in bed... all day; a popular activity especially when hungover
Get up and stop griffining!
by A Griffiner November 08, 2010
the seemingly endless posting of political, right wing views on Facebook in an effort to influence peoples votes.
" Can't wait for this election to be over. That dudes been Griffining for a year. Does he think we are all idiots? "
by fedup2012 October 25, 2012
The act of or the act of trying to have sex while watching The Family Guy
I was Griffining this broad last night and before i knew it "Good For You"
by knickntio July 10, 2009
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