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(at the end of a night) to stand outside a bar or club stone cold sober and prey on drunk girls coming out
Steve: im really bored of this coursework.
Greg: lets go griffing outside gatecrasher.
steve: great idea.
by lambo319 March 22, 2013
To jerk someone off without their prior consent
Old mate : Last night i woke up to a mate GRIFFING me off, Cheeky bugger!
by Griffoneering June 10, 2011
An intentional misspelling of griefing, often used by noobs.
XXChocolateLover66: Hey bro, wanna go griffing on this server?

DragonEggs3486: Nah bro, besides, it's GRIEFING not GRIFFING
by deathgleaner February 29, 2012
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