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Verb, "To Grick,"
To be generally grumpy or unhappy, regardless of the circumstances.
Derivitave of "Grumpy" and "Nick"
Nick: I hate my life
Taylor: Man, stop grickin
by PD99 November 30, 2008
Great big Raging Prick
Freaky F, you are a grick
by sweetzsug & fred man January 13, 2005
when someone is angry to the point of violence, but for no apparent reason. A combonation of the words "Grumpy" and the name of a very hairy football player. No one wants to chill with you when you're grickin

I Grick
You Grick
He/She Gricks
They Grick
You Grick
Dude you're grickin

Jeff's Grickin

Nick's Grickin

We alllllllllll Grickin
by Gricker July 14, 2009
A Greek prick.
"Keith you f*cking chink"
"F*ck you you stupid grick"
by Ellinas August 29, 2003